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Building a Fire of Business Success

Yesterday afternoon I built a fire. It was nippy outside and there was snow on the ground. I wanted to enjoy being outside in my yard but I wanted the fire to take a bit of the nip out of the air. Starting with small sticks and newspaper and kindling I got a small fire burning. I then added progressively larger pieces to the flame. At first it was hard because some of the larger pieces of wood were wet and they resisted the flame that licked up from the smaller sticks. I found that making the fire grow took constant attention, prodding, poking and adding of new fuel. It was okay that it took my constant attention because I wasn't out there to read or listen to music or talk with a friend. I was outside to enjoy a fire and to be alone with my thoughts and the beautiful nippy weather...

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How To Promote Your Handyman Business

Many owners of Handyman companies often have to deal with the challenge of promoting their business without exceeding their budget (or perhaps there is no budget at all). This doesn't have to be a daunting task. It simply requires some work on your part and you have to be resourceful. The Merriam Webster definition of resourceful is able to deal well with new or difficult situations to problems. But, when we give that definition some thought dealing with new and difficult situations to problems is the primary job description of the Handyman. Isn't that right?...

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The Singing / Dancing Proposal

I will never forget two statements that two of my fellow estimators / sales people told me when I worked in construction in California. The first guys' name was John. John was in his 70's. John and I both worked at a Kitchen and Bath remodeling company. The company had about 15 sales people (We were referred to as Kitchen and Bath designers, but that was a fancy name for salespeople). John was one of the top salesmen. He would have been the #1 Sales person but he didn't like to sell completely new kitchens with new cabinets...

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Pay Me Now, or Pay Me Later

Maintenance now, or costly repairs later. It really is a universal law, isn't it? What happens when you don't maintain your car by changing the oil and filter every few thousand miles or so? (I say or so because honestly it is usually 4500 miles before I get around to it with my truck) Or here's an even better one, what happens when you don't pay attention to your wife? Needless to say, the consequences are dire in either case. Well, it's the same situation with maintenance of your home. A little maintenance can go a long way. In this article I will bring up a few examples of maintenance projects that will save huge expenses later. I will also clarify what I mean by huge expenses so that you have a more clear and concise idea of what that means...

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How to Make The Most of Thumbtack

If you are a small business owner who works in the trades you learn very quickly that the most important part of your job is not applying paint on a wall or hanging drywall or installing a ceiling fan. The most important component of your job is keeping your "pipeline" full. If your work schedule is not full then you don't have a constant flow of cash coming into your business. Another thing that we all learn very quickly is that there is a consistent flow of bills which mandates that we have a consistent flow of cash...

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