How To Promote Your Handyman Business

Many owners of Handyman companies often have to deal with the challenge of promoting their business without exceeding their budget (or perhaps there is no budget at all). This doesn't have to be a daunting task. It simply requires some work on your part and you have to be resourceful. The Merriam Webster definition of resourceful is able to deal well with new or difficult situations to problems. But, when we give that definition some thought dealing with new and difficult situations to problems is the primary job description of the Handyman. Isn't that right?

Promote your handyman business by asking your friends and family

The first place to promote your business is your own network. Do any of your friends or family need work done at their house or business property? Do they have friends or business acquaintances that need work done on their property? If you don't know the answer to that question you should ask them. Your friends should be willing and excited to help you get your business off the ground and become profitable. If you are reluctant to ask your friends and family that is telling too. Is it that you are unsure of your work? Do you feel like they will be put off by you asking this of them? These are both insecurities that you are going to need to overcome if you are going to prosper in your business.

Your website – A customers first look at you and what you want to portray

Imagine that it's 1982 and you are a business owner who hasn't taken the time yet to have business cards printed. Back then that would have been weird. Your ability to compete would have been severely diminished by the lack of attention given to this small detail. Well, what business cards were to 1982 websites are to 2017. You simply must have one! Your website doesn't need to be expensive. But if you are going to operate a business in this modern era it is vital to have a website that reflects who you are as a company. Prospective customers will want to see samples of your work. They will want to read your testimonials. Today's consumer is an informed consumer and your web site is the primary place that they go to make an informed decision on whether they will use you. I will go one step further in that assertion and say that your web site is where they will go to determine if they will pick up the phone and reach out to you. Without a good, professional, well laid out website new customers probably won't find you. I strongly suggest that you start your research on this matter here. Rob Helbig, the founder of is the leader in the field of creating amazing web sites for contractors. These days it's not good enough to have a website. Anyone can have a website. You need to have a website that gets you results. My experience with the website that Mr. Helbig built for me is that it climbed to page 1 of the Google search results in less than two months. Considering the number of handymen in my city that is an amazing track record!

Promote your handyman business online

Whenever I finish a project I post pictures to Facebook and I say a few things about the project. For example recently I completed a bathroom remodel and my comment in the Facebook post was Here are a few pictures of a bathroom remodel that I completed at a local lakefront home. The customer was pleased because we removed their small cramped shower and reconfigured their bathroom to give them a large expansive walk in shower with dual shower heads and two benches. That post created a lot of buzz on Facebook. I received almost 40 comments and I received three new requests for a proposal. Now, considering the fact that it cost me nothing to create the post I think that is good exposure. However, one thing to keep in mind about Facebook groups is that a handyman needs to establish a reputation within the groups that you decide to post to. What I'm suggesting is that you need to be active in the group. It's important to comment on other peoples posts and to also post within the group about things that others will be interested in. By doing these things you will be seen as an active giver and not a passive taker. Other social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and even YouTube can also be used to promote your handyman business.

Use free ads to promote your handyman business

One site that I use to get the word out about my services is Craigslist. On you can create free ads which explain to potential customers about your services. What I usually do is create a couple of ads every day and then when they are eligible to renew I renew those ads. With Craigslist you can also upload several pictures of your previous work to each ad that you create. I have found that the key to success with Craigslist is to post real pictures. I believe that most consumers today know the difference between a picture that you lifted off of Google images and a real picture that you took with your own camera or cell phone.

Promote your handyman business with signage

Signs are a very reasonably priced way to get your business recognised by local homeowners. One sign maker / Printer that I have used is Vista Print. I recently purchased five 18" x 24" multi color signs for less than $60. One thing that you will need to remember is that most cities have sign ordinances. I learned the hard way that if you do not abide by the local sign ordinances your yard signs will be pulled up by city employees. Another place to post your yard signs is in current customers yards. Most customers will have no issues with you posting a sign in their yard for a limited period of time. The other advantage of posting signs in customers yards is that their neighbors will most likely ask them about the work. If you did a great job in your customers opinion they will share their good experience with the neighbors.

Promote your handyman business by getting listed on free sites

The goal of many handyman businesses is to be listed on the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Of course, the reason for this is obvious: If customers can find you online they are more likely to call you. One way that you can achieve such ranking position is to become listed on numerous sites. Some of the sites that I became listed on are Manta, Yelp, Google plus, Google Maps, Angies list, Home Advisor, and many others. Another thing to remember is that your listings need to be consistent as to your company information. Like most people, you may have two or three email addresses. However, as far as the listings go please assure that each of the listings have the same email address listed (and phone number and physical address, etc). Inconsistent listing information will not help your rankings, in fact it will hurt your ranking position.

Promote your handyman business using other paid media

When you have exhausted the above mentioned free or low cost methods of promoting your handyman business, of course you can utilize paid promotional avenues. One thing that you should not disregard, that is the power of print. One of the demographics that has the greatest amount of disposable income is those people over 60 years. People in that age group still read the local newspaper. Often, advertising in the local newspaper (even in the classified section) is very reasonably priced.

Now, all of the above being said, the best way to promote your handyman business is by doing good work at a reasonable price. By doing that your customers will promote you by telling their friends and neighbors about you and your work. Positive word of mouth is, hands down, the best promotion that your handyman business can receive.

Article Contributed by:
Jack Severens
Severens Construction Management

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