How to Make The Most of Thumbtack

If you are a small business owner who works in the trades you learn very quickly that the most important part of your job is not applying paint on a wall or hanging drywall or installing a ceiling fan. The most important component of your job is keeping your pipeline full. If your work schedule is not full then you don't have a constant flow of cash coming into your business. Another thing that we all learn very quickly is that there is a consistent flow of bills which mandates that we have a consistent flow of cash.

There are numerous ways to bring in work. One method that I have found helpful is through the use of technology. The technology that I have found very useful in landing jobs is a website named Here's the basics on how Thumbtack works: The handyman sets up a profile to let customers know what services they perform. Potential customers then fill out an online form in order to solicit quotes from several qualified handymen. At that point the word goes out to handymen in the vicinity of the customer notifying them that they have a potential customer. Emails and text messages are sent to the handymen.

If a handyman decides to try to win a job he can send a message to the potential customer for credits. Depending on the type of job the credits needed to get in contact with the customer varies. Leads cost between 2 and 9 credits and each credit is worth a little less than $1.70. So a handyman can land a pretty decent job for less than $4. The other thing that is unique about Thumbtack is that if a customer does not look at the handyman's message within 2 days Thumbtack will refund the handyman for the credits that he purchased for that lead. In my opinion it is a very win / win situation for both the handyman and the customer (because the customer doesn't have to pay to submit a job order)

There are three ways that a handyman can really make a good impression and win jobs on Thumbtack. The first thing that must be accomplished is to create a good profile. That can be done with plenty of good job photos and a complete description of what makes your company unique. As it relates to the job photos it is best if they are realistic. I think that people can tell if you just lifted photos off of Google. So, in my opinion, it's better to have good pictures that you took with your own camera or phone than it is to have plagiarized pictures lifted from Google.

Another thing that attracts customers is if you have some reviews from your customers. So, it's important to mark that the job is completed on the Thumbtack dashboard. Thumbtack will then send an email to your customer and request that they review you. People feel more comfortable when they see that others in their town have put their trust in you and had a positive experience.

The third and final thing that you can do to attract a Thumbtack customer to call you is to send out an impressive message when you first contact the customer. In order to illustrate this I will show you an example of an unimpressive message and an impressive message. Let's say that the potential customer puts a request into the system to have their garage floor epoxied. If you decide that you would like to give this customer a bid for the job you could send them a message and say something like I would like to give you a quote on that work. I have reasonable prices and I live nearby. Or, if you actually want the customer to take the initiative and call you once they receive your message you can send a message like this...

Good afternoon Lisa. I see that you would like quotes to apply an epoxy system to your garage floor. I would appreciate that opportunity to discuss your project with you. As you probably know, not all epoxy systems are created equal and I have done extensive research to give my customers the best epoxy system available on the market at very competitive prices. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future. Thanks so much!

As you can see, all three components must be in place to make a successful marketing strategy on Thumbtack. If you just send out great messages but you have a very lackluster profile and no customer reviews the potential customer will wonder if you are legitimate. If you have great pictures but you send out very scant, boring messages the customer will be equally underwhelmed. I have used this suggested system for about two years with Thumbtack and I have won about 7 out of 10 jobs that I decide to pull off the system.

Article Contributed by:
Jack Severens
Severens Construction Management

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