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Are you sick and tired of not getting any sales online after spending so much on ads? Is your current website not getting a consistent flow of desired leads?

You are about to discover a TESTED AND TRUSTED way that will turn things around for you in practically no time.

Getting more jobs and making more money is a matter of making sure your message is heard and seen by more prospects.

If you're not happy with the type of clients you've been working with, THIS IS FOR YOU! If getting clients has always been a struggle, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Why You Need An SEO Professional

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  • Gain More Popularity And Earn People's Trust
    A professionally built handyman website adds credibility and sophistication.
  • Stay Ahead Of The Competition
    A website that is kept up-to-date with the latest marketing trends will attract more customers and even win over some of your competitor's customers.
  • Expand Your Reach
    Get more exposure for your handyman business to customers in places that you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. Your professionally built website will be easily found by people that are searching for a handyman from any city within your entire service area.
  • Impress Your Prospects
    Your prospects will be impressed by a professionally designed handyman website. This will also make them more inclined to pay a higher rate for any of your services.
  • Offer More Services To Loyal Clients
    A professionally designed website is a convenient way for your loyal clients to keep coming back. Your website can feature a wide range of services to offer your clients. Loyal clients will do wonders for your handyman business.
  • Save Time
    Avoid costly mistakes and save time on setting up your website and driving traffic by hiring the services of an SEO professional.
  • Save Money
    Keep your costs down by automating your marketing and advertising with a professionally built and managed website.
  • Have Peace Of Mind
    Having a professionally managed handyman website will give you peace of mind knowing that even if something went wrong, we're fully equipped to handle it.

Say goodbye to the OLD way of CHASING AFTER CLIENTS and welcome to the NEW era of CLIENTS CHASING AFTER YOU. You are about to go from a complete nobody to a MASTER in your market as FAST as possible! Attracting only the BEST clients... including the high paying ones!

When your schedule is fully booked, you can be more discerning about which additional jobs you take on and what you want to charge for those jobs.

Decide on when and what jobs you want to work on at your bidding. You can adjust your fees according to how tight or free your schedule is.

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Now regardless of whether you're just starting out as a newbie in the handyman business, you can dominate the market in no time! This isn't a mere theory, it's a fact-based method that has worked for several handyman businesses and it is sure to work for you.

Imagine having a website that can double or even triple the size of your handyman business over the next few months? A website that can help you gain an edge over your competitors and divert an unlimited number of leads to YOU at a paltry cost.

Yes! This is a website with a built-in traffic driving system, unlike ANYTHING you've ever seen. You are about to take your handyman business to the next level today!

Enjoy a substantial increase of leads with better conversion rates and a greater number of high-ticket clients! Clients who are searching for your services... and will gladly pay your fees.

You heard that right!

Finally, you can stop CHASING and start ATTRACTING clients! If you're seen by more prospects, you'll automatically get more handyman jobs and that's exactly what this website is going to do for you. It is a proven, simple but SURE FIRE way to SKYROCKET your sales and grow your income.

Get your professionally designed handyman website today. You'll never have to worry about not getting customers ever again.



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Advanced SEO tactics. Highly Responsive Web Design (RWD) and User-friendly interface is just the beginning.

This is a website designed by the dedicated professionals – HandymanJobLeads. Equipped with the latest ranking tactics that most of your competitors ignore. Advanced ranking tactics that can make all the difference in your search engine rankings.

A proven way to boost your sales and floor the competition. You'll receive the highest quality traffic to your website – thus resulting in the best possible leads. The best part – everything is done on AUTOPILOT – you only set it up once and forget about it. Get the leads rolling in like clockwork. Plus a very convenient way to upsell your services.

And you do it without any need for complicated marketing funnels... offering freebies or discounts... blogging... or ANY of that grunt work you don't want to do. Quit fussing over the inability of your current website to attract customers and take the needed action now!

Let Talented Pros, Knowledgeable About

Handyman Business Marketing

Develop A Website That Will

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Get more calls for your Handyman Business

Get a top quality website design from HandymanJobLeads today and stake your claim as the rightful leader in the handyman business.

We know what your prospects are looking for, how they're going to look for it, and what will trigger them to contact you for a price quote. Isn't that what you want – MORE LEADS... MORE QUOTE REQUESTS? Well you can easily make it happen, when you select one of our website packages.

But TIME is quickly running out...




Each of our client websites have a SERVICE AREA that covers a wide radius (often a whole county), we only accept one client per service area. This area becomes EXCLUSIVE to that client and is no longer available to anyone else. We take on a limited number of new clients per year.

Our goal is to focus on establishing our existing clients before taking on new ones. Therefore, this limits the number of new clients we can effectively manage at any given time.

Remaining Number of Slots
Available This Month...

[ 1 ]

Subject to Change Anytime!


Our pricing is based on the size of your desired Target Market Area. Larger markets are usually more competitive and require more initial work and ongoing maintenance to achieve top rankings. Therefore, our pricing plans are based on the size of your Service Area.


PayPal Credit


If your website does not have at least 10 relevant search phrases ranking on the first page of Google within 90 days of purchase, you may receive a full 100% refund of your investment.


You're NOT Buying A Website,
You're Investing In A Marketing System!

  • one-time setup fee


    $49/mo Management Plan

  • This plan is recommended for any Handyman living in a small town with a
    UNDER 30,000 residents
  • one-time setup fee


    $99/mo Management Plan

  • This plan is recommended for any Handyman living in a county with a
    OVER 500,000 residents
  • one-time setup fee


    $79/mo Management Plan

  • This plan is recommended for any Handyman living in a county with a
    UNDER 250,000 residents

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I have been using Handyman Job Leads for a year now and I could not be happier with my website's traffic. The information he adds to my site is put in detail and adds to the amount of traffic I get. My website is organized, well worded, and my customers actually compliment about it. It makes me feel great as a business owner.

Walter Blaylock • Murfreesboro, TN

Rob has been awesome! He goes the extra mile to create the best websites. We recommend handyman job leads to anyone that wants a great website! Thanks for all the hard work Rob!

Jason Watson • Tallahassee, FL

We interviewed numerous design firms before we decided to go with Handyman Job Leads and talented Rob. Rob's ideas and performance sealed the deal! He has been instrumental in modernizing our image – super important for us in a year of industry changes. We've found Rob to be willing and able to deliver as promised and wonderful to work with along the way.

A message to Rob:
The more we look at our website the more we love it! You did such an amazing job and it is always so much fun to work with you! You went above and beyond our expectations and made a site that is way cooler than we could have ever imagined, I just wanted to reach out and tell you this because you are truly a master.

Sarks Khatchadourian • Upland, CA

Before bringing Rob on to manage my website and ranking, I was completely lost in the web world. My do it yourself website was a joke at best. Basically my web presence did not exist at all. That has all changed, We are now bringing in more leads than we can service. Looks like it is time to expand again. Rob managed my expectations, and has delivered better than he said he would. I am more than pleased and look forward to an extremely long term business relationship.

Will Reed • Orlando, FL

I've been working with Robert for about 6 months now. He created a handyman web site for me and it is a beautiful site! I decided to give his company a try because I searched handyman job leads on Google and his company was first on the list. Not only did Rob create a great site for me but he has always been responsive and speedy about responding to my many requests for updates and detail pages for my web site. Well, my site got to page one of Google in about 5 weeks and it has been there ever since. The site paid for itself the first month and has been earning its keep ever since. This week I asked Rob to create another site for me. He could have charged me several hundred dollars to create it but he agreed to work within my budget knowing that I will continue to refer business his way. It sure is nice having a web designer / marketing expert that I can trust and call on when I'm struggling to find answers. Thanks Rob! I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.

Jack Severens • Mooresville, NC

I needed a website, and of the many options on the web, I was very lucky to have found HandymanJobLeads.com. I had no clue how to build the site I wanted, but they made it easy and took care of everything. I genuinely couldn't ask for better customer service. I still don't know a thing about launching a website and don't have to, they took care of it for me. My business is way up since it went live, and leads come into my inbox on a regular basis – Jobs that I know would never have happened without Rob's ongoing help. I heartily recommend HandymanJobLeads.com

Ford Sylvester • New Hope, PA


Awnsers about the Handyman Job Leads local marketing plan website
  • How long does it take to start getting leads?
    On average (depending on your location), you can expect to see your website ranking in Google within about 2-3 weeks after publishing. Then progressively moving up from there as The Plan is being implemented step-by-step. Each successive position advancement exposes your website to a greater number of potential prospects.
  • Are there any other costs involved?
    No. All fees are displayed in the pricing table above. These are flat fees that cover the (one-time) setup and regular monthly payment for each marketing plan option (domain name included – no hidden costs).

    NOTE: If you require any special customizations (such as: custom logo design, custom colors, etc), we can definitely accommodate you! These customizations would be billed separately from your monthly flat rate service.
  • If I purchase the DELUXE package, would I be able to upgrade to the PRO package later? How would that work?
    Yes. You would simply pay the current price difference for the upgrade. After that your Service Area will be expanded to include all cities (with population of 5K or more) within 100 mile radius of your home base.
  • How do I get started right now?
    Getting started is easy! Just select the package (above) that works best for your situation.

    NOTE: All 3 packages have a PayPal CREDIT option to pay within 6 months at 0 interest. The approval process takes only a few seconds.

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