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There's just not enough time in the day to work eight hours and find more business.

I'm sure you've said this to yourself more than once. And like other handymen, you may only get to work six hours each day. Having a professionally designed website for your handyman business is the simple solution to get more work and cut down on advertising costs.

If you're tired of spending long hours on marketing and advertising, or waiting for more customers via word of mouth, I can take the hassle out of finding more business.

Let me build a Handyman website for you that brings in business and saves you time and money.

My Brother's Success Story

My brother was once in your boat. He was being ripped off when he paid big fees for Handyman leads that weren't exclusive. A single lead cost $16 or sometimes even more. And that lead was going to three or four other handymen too. He was shelling out a lot of money and getting no results for his efforts.

I was tired of hearing his complaints, so I decided to design a Handyman website for him as a birthday present. Now he gets quality leads at no extra advertising cost and wastes less of his time.

handyman job leads

You shouldn't pay $16 or more per lead when you could bring in business through your own website. You'll pay one low, flat fee per month of $47 to drive business to your website and money into your pocket. That's correct, you might pay that much for just two or three leads. You can start saving money and making money at the same time.

And you'll receive tech support and site updates, so you spend your time on the job, not focused on running your new website.

Save Money and Get Work

My brother didn't have the time for marketing a handyman business and working full-time. His new website took the headache out of finding more work, because I was increasing his website's Google rankings and bringing in traffic.

He started saving the money he spent on leads and on the ads he placed in his local Pennysaver. These ads cost him about $200 per month. From these ads, he might get 3 or 4 decent handyman job leads a month.

I hesitated to build a website for my brother because he always said, Computers and the Internet ... are the devil's work! But he was buying leads originating from the Internet, he just didn't realize it! Now he's using the Internet to do his marketing work for him.

If you're like him (before he started a website), you stay up late at night working on ads or estimates. Maybe you're confused by how to bring in more fruitful leads and make your business a success. He said it was a waste of his time to set up a website himself.

Using my SEO knowledge, I had his new handyman website listed at the top of Google within a few weeks. Now his phone rings way more often than before he started his website!

He was so surprised. His new job leads are high quality and he's saving money that was wasted on advertising.

A Valuable Website and SEO Results You'll See

You can have the best handyman website in your area, without lifting a finger. Our handyman website template is personalized for your business.

Here's what you'll get:

You'll receive the same great design and pages seen on my brother's site. For example, your new Testimonials page will prove to site visitors that you have many pleased customers. New customers will take notice when they see testimonials like this one...

sample testimonial

And your projects list of available services will list all the details customers need to decide your services are the right ones for them. Your Services page lists projects by room, so the customer can navigate to the specific problem that needs to be fixed. Your website's Services page will include just as much detail as the kitchen projects description below:

handyman projects

But I won't stop with just designing your website. A well-designed website won't help you get business if it doesn't receive any customer traffic. That's why I work hard to build your site's Google search rankings, so it appears at the top of Google searches.

Don't let terms like search engine optimization boggle your mind. I will work hard to ensure that when potential customers search for a local Handyman on Google, they immediately see your website and your name.

Your Website Will Generate High Value Leads

The handyman websites I design are custom tailored to each handyman's needs to bring in the jobs you want. Your new website will generate leads that are:

1) Brand New
There's no middleman to sit on a lead while the customer fumes. You find out about potential jobs as soon as the customer contacts you. That equals happier customers and quicker job turnaround times for you.

2) Exclusive
No one receives the leads from your website except you. You're the only Handyman who shows up for the job, saving you wasted trips and phone calls.

3) Local
The customer decides you are the right Handyman with the skills for the job before you speak on the phone. That saves you loads of time for doing more Handyman work and bringing in more money.

Some of our Testimonials...

Before bringing Rob on to manage my website and ranking, I was completely lost in the web world. My do it yourself website was a joke at best. Basically my web presence did not exist at all. That has all changed, We are now bringing in more leads than we can service. Looks like it is time to expand again. Rob managed my expectations, and has delivered better than he said he would. I am more than pleased and look forward to an extremely long term business relationship.

Will Reed | Reed's Renovation and Repair, LLC

I've been working with Robert for about 6 months now. He created a handyman web site for me and it is a beautiful site! I decided to give his company a try because I searched handyman job leads on Google and his company was first on the list. Not only did Rob create a great site for me but he has always been responsive and speedy about responding to my many requests for updates and detail pages for my web site. Well, my site got to page one of Google in about 5 weeks and it has been there ever since. The site paid for itself the first month and has been earning its keep ever since. This week I asked Rob to create another site for me. He could have charged me several hundred dollars to create it but he agreed to work within my budget knowing that I will continue to refer business his way. It sure is nice having a web designer / marketing expert that I can trust and call on when I'm struggling to find answers. Thanks Rob! I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.

Jack Severens | Severens Construction

I needed a website, and of the many options on the web, I was very lucky to have found Rob Helbig. I had no clue how to build the site I wanted, but Rob made it easy and took care of everything. Through a few emails and phone calls, I was able to communicate the look and feel of the site I had in mind, and Rob picked right up on it- and made a site that exceeded my expectations. He worked with me on every detail, and I genuinely couldn't ask for better customer service. I still don't know a thing about launching a website and don't have to, Rob takes care of it for me. My business is way up since it went live, and leads come into my inbox on a regular basis – Jobs that I know would never have happened without Rob's ongoing help. I heartily recommend Robert Helbig for any website construction, hosting, maintenance or improvement you may be considering.

Ford Sylvester | FiveQuarter Renovations

My Promise to You

I will not create other competing handyman websites in your immediate service area. But act quickly! Your competition could get your area's site that is designed and run by Handyman Job Leads. Customers aren't limited to one site, and you can sign up for as many sites as you want, for several areas.

With the best home repair website in your area, one created by Handyman Job Leads, you Save Time, and get Better Leads and More Value for your marketing dollar.

Get your professionally designed Handyman Website today!

ONLY $47.00
per month

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Upon checkout, you'll be taken to a short form we use to gather a few details about your business. This way, we can get started right away!

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long does it take to start getting leads?

On average (depending on your location), you can expect to start receiving leads within about 3-6 weeks after your new website has been published.

Are there any other costs involved?

Our standard service is a flat $47 per month (domain name included – no hidden costs).

NOTE: If you require any special customizations (such as: custom logo design, custom colors, etc), we can definitely accommodate you! These customizations would be billed separately from your monthly flat rate service.

What if I don't have any Testimonials for the Testimonials page?

No worries... Testimonials can be added later. In the beginning, consider asking friends or family members to write a testimonial about a home repair or remodeling project you have done for them.

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